Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ban motorists smoking, say Auto Trader readers

Ban motorists smoking, say Auto Trader readers
Ban smoking and driving, say Auto Trader readers by Adrian Higgins

TWO thirds of motorists say they would support a driving and smoking ban, according to a survey on the UK's number one automotive web site autotrader.co.uk.

And nearly as many said that when it comes to choosing a used car they prefer to buy from non-smokers too.

The findings come as van drivers in Scotland prepare for a ban on lighting up in their vehicles which comes into affect later this month.

Lorry drivers and farmers will also be fined if caught smoking at the wheel.

Most of the 500 people surveyed said drivers should stub out before taking to the road - with a fifth of smokers agreeing.


And motorists revealed this was a concern for smokers who resist an in-journey cigarette - nearly half of whom saw it as a distraction.

The findings were welcomed by anti-smoking lobby group ASH.

Research manager Amanda Sandford said: 'This is very positive and reflects the changing attitudes to smoking.

'Smoking is undoubtedly a distraction to drivers - even just lighting up is a distraction - but when you take into account the health risks, the potential for fire hazards.

'It's also encouraging to see many smokers recognise this too.'

Smokers' lobby group Forest disagreed.

Spokesman Simon Clark said: 'I'm not aware of any evidence that suggests smoking is a distraction to drivers. It's no more distracting than talking to a passenger or changing a CD.

'There's almost a form of anti-smoking hysteria at the moment.

'Motorists should tell these interfering busybodies to butt out.'

Smokers did show their considerate side however, with two thirds claiming they would undergo a smoke-free journey, if a passenger requested. "

Wow, this article thinks smokers are inconsiderate for wanting liberty. I don't smoke, but if a passenger requested I NOT smoke, and I'm giving them a ride, I'd tell them to take the bus and suck those fumes if they don't like it. Farmers can't smoke a cigarette on their tractors either? England has gone insane. What is all this anti-smoking furor about anyway? So you can live to be 74 instead of 72. No thanks! And then if you live to be 74, will they let you smoke a cigarette then? Or do they want to squeeze every possible last day out of you? What for? Why is it their business anyway? Why not ban alcohol and sweets? You do know that's what's next, right? Insanity.

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