Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Command Post - Global War On Terror - Dan Darling: Report on al-Qaeda

The Command Post - Global War On Terror - Dan Darling: Report on al-Qaeda:

"As some of you already know, last weekend I was at a counter-terrorism conference in New York City at the behest of my patrons, who were nice enough to fly me out there and for the purposes of me posting on the Internet would prefer to remain anonymous, if for nothing else than so they can plausibly deny everything they say ;) I've also been finishing finals and watching the extended edition of The Return of the King, so I apologize in advance for the number of Tolkien references that are likely to be used here.

The conference's attendees included a wide variety of law enforcement, intelligence, military or former military, and think tank types from pretty much across the ideological spectrum and I learned a great deal both from the presentations and in conversation. None of the information that was shared at the conference was classified or anything like that, and I have my own doubts (and in some cases extreme disagreement) about some of what was said. Still, I figure that this may all be valuable to you, perhaps because it runs against some of what I have argued.

* Al-Qaeda Command & Control
* Al-Qaeda Training Facilities & Infrastructure
* Al-Qaeda in General
* Iraq and al-Qaeda
* Iran & al-Qaeda"

long, detailed, and interesting

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