Tuesday, May 03, 2005

ThisisLondon: Microphones to catch noisy neighbours


Microphones to catch noisy neighbours
By Mark Prigg, Science Correspondent, Evening Standard

Noisy neighbours have become a scourge of modern life, resulting in stress, sleepless nights and even violence.

Now Westminster Council hopes a new wireless microphone could help tackle the problem.

It plans to attach the device to lamp posts outside houses, allowing inspectors to monitor sound levels. If neighbours make too much noise, council officials will

“This could make a really big difference to cutting down on noise,” said Steve Harrison of Westminster Council.

“At the moment the problem is that by the time a noise protection officer arrives on the scene, the noise may have stopped.

“Using the new system, we can leave a monitor in an area for several days. The idea is that we can pre-empt people having to call us — if the monitor hears a disturbance it lets us know.” Mr Harrison added that the microphones were also going to be placed outside bars and clubs to monitor noise levels and any disturbances.

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