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The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century :: Joey deVilla's Weblog :: At Last, My Blog Lands Me in Hot Water!

The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century :: Joey deVilla's Weblog :: At Last, My Blog Lands Me in Hot Water!:

"At Last, My Blog Lands Me in Hot Water!
by Joey deVilla at 12:00AM (EDT) on July 29, 2005 | Permanent Link | Cosmos
It took over 4,000 entries and almost four years, but it finally happened: my blog has finally gotten me into trouble. I'm finally a player!

Yesterday morning, as I was working at my desk, I got a phone call:

Female voice with Eastern European accent: Hello, I have some questions about your web site.

Me: Go ahead...

FV: How do you create your website?

Me: With Blogware, our weblogging software. Is there anything in particular you'd like to know?

FV: And how are comments added to the website? Do they email you, and then you add them?

Me: No, that's handled automatically by Blogware. Every article has a link that you can click on to add a comment. You type it in, click a button, and it's there.

FV: And if there were a comment you wanted to delete, could anyone do that?

Me: No, only the owner and people the owner sets up as administrators can do that.

At this point, it was beginning to dawn on me that the person on the other end of the line wasn't a customer. What was going on?

FV: I am asking because I would like a comment removed. Someone left a comment that is not true.

Me: Not true? Which one?

FV: The one in the thing about movers. Someone left a comment about our company that is not true. They said we did things, but they signed a paper clearing us. If you do not remove this comment, we will send our lawyers after you.

I sighed. I needed to get a lot of work done, and dealing with non-work headaches, especially the threat of legal action, was the last thing I needed.

I decided the best thing to do for the time being would be to copy the comment, take it down and evaluate the situation when I had more time. I pointed my browser at the Blogware control panel, found the article and called up its comment-editing page.

Me: So which comment is it?

FV: The one about Quick Boys.

For the record, here's the comment:

Re: Anyone Know any Good Toronto Movers?
by Anonymous on 2005.06.27 02:00PM EDT | IP:

No good ones to recommend but two to avoid at all costs:

Hired them in 2001 to move between two units in the same building. They showed up 3 hours late, failed to bring wardrobe boxes, and sent two 16 year old kids with one of their girlfriends. They moved about four things into the service elevator and then took off, leaving two moving dollies behind and me to do the entire move without assistance. Thank god for friends.

Quick Boys Moving & Storage
Avoid like the plague. Hired in April to move my girlfriend into our place. They took seven hours to load a one bedroom apartment into the truck and drive about ten minutes (they were, of course, being paid hourly). Held her stuff hostage at this end until we paid for the full move. Damaged a substantial percentage of the furniture with scratches, etc. 'Forgot' to unload two boxes of crystalware and took three weeks to deliver it to us. The movers were surly, unpleasant, and stank of body odour.

Good luck! A lot of the companies out there really exist to rip you off so be careful. I've heard good things about El Cheapo and Two Small Guys With Big Hearts but have never used either. If I ever hire movers again, I'll just swallow my cost-saving needs and go with the big guys.

It was written by my friend Jay Goldman. I've known Jay for about three years and I've worked with him on a couple of occasions. He's always dealt straight with me.

Me: And you say that this comment is not true?

FV: It is a lie. Let me put my boss on the line.

Gruff Male Voice with Eastern European Accent: Remove that comment. That's all I'm going to say. (click)

Niiiiice. A real sweetheart, that one. There was a bit of an edge to the 'That's all I'm going to say' bit.

FV: So if you could remove that comment, it would be appreciated. I will check to confirm that they have been deleted.

And with that, she hung up."

Accordian guy refuses to back down from thuggish moving company which wants to censor his blog! Good for him! And shame on Quickboys movers, a moving company out of Toronto, that feels it's better business sense to call people and threaten them for voicing displeasure with their service on the internet, rather than doing a good job and taking care of the customer. Frankly, I could even care less what kind of movers they are. All they should know is that I, and many other people, will be damned before we let some company, or person, tell us what we can and cannot say on the internet. And those of us on the internet, tend to stick together. We have a much bigger gang than they do!

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