Monday, August 01, 2005

Syria aims to double per capita income in ten years

Syria aims to double per capita income in ten years:

"'The government's goal is to make Syria a power of economic growth in the Middle East, a matter that requires to increase investments and create a developed investment atmosphere,' he added.

Dardari said the Syrian economic policy is counting on the 'social market economy' a free economy based on demand and supply while taking into consideration for social and living conditions of citizens, and guaranteeing their services improvement, in addition to a fair distribution of resources.'

'The Syrian government is in search of making the central part of Syria that stretches between Hama and Homs an area of future growth. This is due to it being a strategic and vital region that must be provided with the needed infrastructure, economic, and construction projects, to fulfill what is aspired of them,' the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Minister of Industry Ghassan Tayarah noted the possibility of modifying the income tax law in return for some services and benefits that the industrialists, craftsmen and producers would offer citizens.

'There is a need to put a sharing mechanism among states and representatives of the industrial activities that take into consideration citizens interests and improving their living standards,' Tayarah said.

Regarding the building of an industrial city in Hama, according to the 10th five-year plan, the minister said there was an agreement to establish 8 industrial cities in Syria according to that plan, noting that energizing the industrial sector requires banking law updates that gives investor guarantees by building a conductive investment atmosphere in Syria."

Syria, like Libya, is embracing economic progress as a goal. The only thing that will make this work is the free market. For the free market to work effectively, there needs to be free trade among nations. For there to be free trade among nations, nations must join the world community- rules for banking, copyright, currency, politics, criminal law, etc must be harmonized with other countries. To borrow Thomas Barnett's dictum, these countries need to embrace the web of cooperation that binds democratic and free market countries together, as this is really a web of prosperity through rational self interest. Non-integrating gap, meet the functioning core!

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