Saturday, June 10, 2006

Radio controlled night vision spycar toy! SCI FI Tech


If you've got a budding spy in the family, the perfect gift to nurture his clandestine impulses this holiday season may be the Spy Video Car. Essentially a remote-control car with a camera attached to it, it seems pretty much designed with only devious uses in mind. The night vision-equipped camera is mounted slyly on the front of the car, and it sends its signal up to 75 feet back to the user. Using a fashionable set of eyeglasses with a small screen over one eye, little Junior can hide in a closet somewhere while sending the Spy Video Car on reconnaissance missions all around the house, nurturing his budding peeping tendencies. When we tried out the car, however, the screen was basically impossible to use with both eyes open, so while trying to get the car into the bathroom he'll also learn the valuable skill of winking. The Spy Video Car should be in stores this holiday season and will cost between $99 and $159. — Adam Frucci

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