Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cookie Monster Learns To Eat Fruit, World has gone mad!- CBS News

Cookie Monster Learns To Eat Fruit, Sesame Street Encouraging Exercise And Healthy Eating - CBS News:

"(AP) Something must be wrong in the land of Muppets.

First PBS announced that 'Sesame Street' would kick off its 36th season this week with a multiyear story arc about healthy habits. No problem there; childhood obesity rates are soaring. Then I learned of changes that turned my 'Sesame Street' world upside-down.

My beloved blue, furry monster — who sang 'C is for cookie, that's good enough for me' — is now advocating eating healthy. There's even a new song — 'A Cookie Is a Sometimes Food,' where Cookie Monster learns there are 'anytime' foods and 'sometimes' foods. "

Get ready for the tax on junk food. Sesame street is engaged in what's known in the military as "battlefield preparation".

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