Monday, October 30, 2006

Techdirt: E-Voting Concerns Going Mainstream?

Techdirt: E-Voting Concerns Going Mainstream?: "

E-Voting Concerns Going Mainstream?
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Just as the latest reports of e-voting glitches float in (yes, these are brand spanking new reports of problems), it appears that the issue of e-voting machines is hitting the mainstream. In the past, Diebold has been able to brush these concerns off as being from a bunch of conspiracy-theory kooks -- even as example after example after example showed that their voting machines have serious problems. This weekend, however, we saw Time Magazine question if e-voting machines can be trusted while the popular comic strip Foxtrot made fun of e-voting machines by suggesting that dressing up as one was about the scariest costume you could have on Halloween (while then noting that no one really cares). It's great that the issue of e-voting machine problems is clearly reaching the mainstream (despite the fact that evidence of problems has been shown for many, many years), but it won't change the fact that many of these machines will be used in the upcoming election -- after which, do we really expect these issues to get much more attention?"

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