Monday, October 15, 2007

ADD and ADHD Basics - Tonsil Removal and ADHD: Connected?

ADD and ADHD Basics - Tonsil Removal and ADHD: Connected?

Tonsil Removal and ADHD: Connected?

Author:Karen Barrow

Medically Reviewed On: March 31, 2006

Can a fairly routine problem, enlarged tonsils, be causing attention deficit disorder (ADHD) in your child? Not quite, says a new study, but tonsil problems may be partially to blame for some of your child's behavior problems.

While the cause-and-effect relationship is not entirely understood, researchers from the University of Michigan suspect that there is a relationship between enlarged tonsils and sleep-related breathing problems. Taking the relationship one step further, they also suspect that sleep problems may underlie some cases of behavioral problems in children, including ADHD.

"An undiagnosed sleep disorder is not the solution for all children with ADHD. But it could be something worth looking into for a substantial minority," said Dr. Ronald Chervin, study author and director of the University of Michigan Sleep Disorders Center.

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