Monday, October 13, 2008

Magnesium Reduces cravings- sweets, heroin and cocaine

I have been reading about magnesium lately! Fascinating stuff. It is low in people with diabetes, ADD, migranes, leg cramps, depression, and more. Low magnesium causes carb cravings. Women having PMS are low in magnesium, and crave chocolate, which is high in magnesium. Lots of calcium drives magnesium out of the body, so balance out your supplements. Coffee, alcohol, stress, diabetes, diuretics and carbs lower magnesium.

Healthnotes Newswire: Magnesium Reduces Opiate Dependency and Cocaine Cravings - Medfinds

Magnesium Reduces Opiate Dependency and Cocaine Cravings

By Darin Ingels, ND

Healthnotes Newswire (August 14, 2003)?People addicted to opiate drugs, such as heroin and morphine, may be able to reduce their use by taking oral magnesium, according to a new study in Journal of Addictive Diseases (2003;22:49?61). Magnesium may also help cocaine addicts experience fewer cravings for the drug, although it is not clear that it reduces cocaine use.

Mineral deficiencies. In addition to magnesium, deficiencies of the minerals zinc and chromium may contribute to food cravings, too. Simontacchi says that if you find yourself craving carbohydrates, you may be deficient in zinc. Sugar cravings may indicate a chromium deficiency.


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