Friday, March 16, 2012

White rice link seen with Type 2 diabetes, says study

White rice link seen with Type 2 diabetes, says study

Health researchers said on Thursday they had found a troubling link between higher of rice and Type 2 diabetes, a disease that in some countries is becoming an epidemic.

Further work is need to probe the apparent association and diets that are notoriously high in sugar and fats should remain on the no-go list, they cautioned.

"What we've found is white rice is likely to increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes, especially at high consumption levels such as in Asian populations," Qi Sun of the Harvard School of Public Health told AFP.


In the British Medical Journal (BMJ), Sun's team said the link emerged from an analysis of four previously published studies, carried out in China, Japan, Australia and the United States.

These studies followed 350,000 people over a timescale from four to 22 years. More than 13,000 people developed Type 2 diabetes.

In the studies carried out in China and Japan, those who ate most rice were 55 percent likelier to develop the disease than those who ate least. In the United States and Australia, where consumption of rice is far lower, the difference was 12 percent.

Participants in the two Asian countries ate three or four servings of rice a day on average, compared to just one or two servings a week in the Western countries.

White rice is the dominant form of rice eaten in the world.


Andymatic said...

that's effed up

Scott Carlson Teacher in Chicago at Lane said...

I find this interesting because when you tell people low carb is good lots of them point to the healthy Asians eating all that rice. Vegetarian India has sky high rates of diabetes also.