Friday, March 29, 2013

Ketogenic Diet Reverses Kidney Disease (Nephropathy) - YouTube

Lol, this is rich. "Ketogenic Diet Reverses Kidney Disease (Nephropathy)"

OMG! This is incredible! Kidney failure is irreversible! But eating this strange high fat diet COMPLETELY CURED IT within 2 months for mice! Let's start testing the diet on people whose total lack of kidney function is a death sentence, right?

Wrong- quote "a high fat diet could have other problems. We don't want to actually put people on the diet, we want to figure out how the diet works and make a drug that does the same thing", Lol. Yeah,  not like kids with epilepsy have been on ketogenic diets for years since the 1950's with no ill effects. Maybe someday someone will find evidence dietary fat causes heart disease, ha ha

Ketogenic Diet Reverses Kidney Disease (Nephropathy) - YouTube: Ketogenic Diet Reverses Kidney Disease (Nephropathy)

Charles Mobbs, a scientist at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, discovers how a low carb, ketogenic diet reverses kidney failure in diabetic mice.

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