Wednesday, March 23, 2005 - The Middle East is closer to Shiite Sunni all out civil war - The Middle East is closer to Shiite Sunni all out civil war:

"Indication are there that Shiite majority is Iraq and Sunnis in Iraq, Syria, Jordan and other countries are on the verge of an all out civil war. On one side Iran is influencing the Shiite population. But on the other side predominantly Sunni Arabs are ready to wage the overt and covert war against Iraq.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said on 20th march that Iraq was temporarily recalling its ambassador to Jordan for 'consultations.' The decision comes two days after Shiite protesters, demanding an apology for alleged Jordanian involvement in a suicide bombing in the city of Al Hillah, raised the Iraqi flag over the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad.

More interestingly, Kuwait predominantly Sunni came out a few days back with strong words against a secret pact with Israel. The Sunnis all over the Middle East are irritated with Shiite dominance in Iraq. Saddam after all fought the long bloody war with Iran to hold the line on the sand for Sunnis. Now the same Iraq dominated by the Iran backed Shiites worries the Arab Sunnis. The absence of Sunnis who never participated in the Iraqi election is also significant.

The common perception in the Sunni community of Middle East is that Saddam got replaced by Shiites in Iraq who are backed by Iranian Mullahs."

As Shiites get control of the power structure in Iraq, the Sunnis will try to hurt Shiite interest in any way they can. This may turn out to be something very ugly. Over time this can turn into a fight between Shiite and Sunni in the Middle East. Well, international politics can be complex. This can be a way to keep Middle East busy fighting among themselves.

During British Raj, British created the division between Hindus and the Muslims. And, India and Pakistan is still busy chasing each other and obstructing each others prosperity. That is known as “Divide in Rule” principle.

The Shiites and Sunnis in Middle East should come together, stop fighting, share power in a logical way, deplore violence and focus on economic prosperity.

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