Saturday, March 05, 2005

Reasons Terrorists Haven't Hit Us Again

Reasons Terrorists Haven't Hit Us Again
Answering the big question.

The official position of our government is that it is not a matter of if there will be another attack on the United States again, but when. On this, George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden seem to be in agreement. This is especially troubling to New Yorkers, who feel, with some degree of certainty, that our city remains the most inviting target for terrorists.

Everyone has methods for dealing with the anxiety. Mostly, we try to ignore it; sometimes, because of the news or a sudden loud noise outside the window, that becomes impossible. Wherever we go, we see how easy it would be for a terrorist to cause serious harm. A bomb left in a Times Square trash can; a man with a heavy backpack moving through a crowded subway car; a van stuffed with explosives entering the Midtown Tunnel—this is part of how we experience the city now. But if it seems so easy, why hasn’t it happened? That’s the question that obsesses us, around which we build theories and start arguments. An attack wouldn’t have to be on the scale of 9/11 to set off a major panic. A single explosion, just one of the many little bombs that rock Iraq every day, would make midtown feel little safer than the Green Zone. But nothing has happened.

Terror Interrupted Why haven't we been hit again? A review of the most compelling theories.

Theories 1-5
Reasons They Haven’t Hit Us Again
Every New Yorker knows how easily a terrorist could strike the city. So why hasn’t it happened since 9/11?

Theories 6 & 7
Anatomy Of a Foiled Plot
How the NYPD infiltrated a ring of homegrown terrorists and prevented a subway bombing.

Theory 8
Camp Jihad
To stop a terrorist, you can start by learning how to dress like one, shoot like one, and think like one.

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