Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cuba unexpectedly accepts U.S. hurricane aid - Hurricanes' Aftermath -

WASHINGTON - Cuba has unexpectedly agreed to a quiet U.S. offer of emergency aid following Hurricane Wilma, and three Americans will travel to Cuba to assess needs there, the State Department said Thursday.

Washington has routinely offered humanitarian relief for hurricanes and other disasters in Cuba, and Cuban leader Fidel Castro himself has routinely turned the offers down. After Hurricane Dennis pummeled the island in July, Castro expressed gratitude for Washington’s offer of $50,000 in aid but rejected it.

“This was the first time they have accepted an offer of assistance,” State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said, at least based on the “collective memory” of diplomats at the department.

I love how the lefties are always crowing about how Cuba's hurricane preparation far exceeds ours. Too bad there's no free press in Cuba so we can see how things really are on the island. I hope Castro dies soon so Cuba can be free.

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