Thursday, January 18, 2007

8 lottery winners who lost their millions - MSN Money

8 lottery winners who lost their millions - MSN Money

Having piles of cash only compounds problems for some people. Here are sad tales of foolishness, hit men, greedy relatives and dreams dashed.

"For a lot of people, winning the lottery is the American dream. But for many lottery winners, the reality is more like a nightmare.

'Winning the lottery isn't always what it's cracked up to be,' says Evelyn Adams, who won the New Jersey lottery not just once, but twice (1985, 1986), to the tune of $5.4 million. Today the money is all gone and Adams lives in a trailer.

'I won the American dream but I lost it, too. It was a very hard fall. It's called rock bottom,' says Adams.

'Everybody wanted my money. Everybody had their hand out. I never learned one simple word in the English language -- 'No.' I wish I had the chance to do it all over again. I'd be much smarter about it now,' says Adams, who also lost money at the slot machines in Atlantic City.

'I was a big-time gambler,' admits Adams. 'I didn't drop a million dollars, but it was a lot of money. I made mistakes, some I regret, some I don't. I'm human. I can't go back now so I just go forward, one step at a time.'"

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