Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Counterterrorism Blog: Iran's Great Victory

The Counterterrorism Blog: Iran's Great Victory: "Iran's Great Victory

Larry C. Johnson

Neocons desperate to sustain the good news delusion from Iraq will find little solace in the election results that are supposed to be announced on Sunday, Februay 13, 2005. After twenty years of trying to contain the Government of Iran, the biggest sponsor of terrorism against the United States, we are on the threshhold of creating the second Shia state in the Middle East and opening the door for Iran to consolidate its position as the preeminent military power in the region. I received the following from a Senior military commander who is currently serving his country and the people of Iraq. The news is not good.

The Provincial Council for Baghdad will soon be represented by 47 Shia Islamists and 4 Shia Secularists. No Sunni, Christian or Kurdish slates had enough votes to meet the majic threshhold for seats under this bizarre system that the UN has allowed the Iraqis to establish. So even those minorities who voted were completely disenfranchised. Diyala Province (Bacuba), where 55% of the population is Sunni, had even more disturbing results, as there it looks like 20 out of 41 seats are going to Shia, who with the Kurds will have an overwhelming majority. The violence that is bound to come over the upcoming Ashura/Arba'in period is going to contribute even more to hardening the sectarian positions, which will make discussion of any of the hard constitutional issues explosive."

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