Monday, February 07, 2005

Op-Ed Columnist: A Short History of Deanism

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: A Short History of Deanism:

"Many Republicans are mystified as to why the Democrats, having lost another election, are about to name Howard Dean as party chairman and have allowed Barbara Boxer and Ted Kennedy to emerge unchallenged as the loudest foreign policy voices.

The answer, as Mickey Kaus observes in Slate, is that the party is following the money. The energy and the dough are in the wing, which is not even a wing of the party, but the head and the wallet. Only the most passionate and liberal voices can stir up this network of online donors from the educated class.

Howard Dean may not be as liberal as he appeared in the primaries, but in 1,001 ways - from his secularism to his stridency - he embodies the newly dominant educated class, which is large, self-contained and assertive.

Thanks to this newly dominant group, the Democrats are sure to carry Berkeley for decades to come."

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wolff said...

gosh.. if the new york times editorial says it then i guess it must be true! not!

its less about the wallet and more about the people who want to work to make a difference...the grassroots..

i'm seeing dean tonight here in dc..we're celebrating..

i'll send him your best wishes scott!