Saturday, February 26, 2005

Israel Blames Syria for Suicide Bombing - My Way News -

My Way News: "Israel Blames Syria for Suicide Bombing

JERUSALEM (AP) - Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz blamed Syria on Saturday for a suicide bombing that killed four Israelis in Tel Aviv, and Israel's Army Radio reported that he also froze plans to hand over security responsibilities in the West Bank to the Palestinians.

Israeli security officials also said they may resume assassinations of the leaders of the militant Islamic Jihad group, which claimed responsibility Saturday for the bombing. The officials said on condition of anonymity that the recent cease-fire forged with the Palestinians no longer applies to Islamic Jihad, which has links to Syria.

A resumption of Israel's targeted killings of wanted militants, which Israel recently agreed to halt, would likely mean the end of the cease-fire declared by the Israeli and Palestinian leaders at a Feb. 8 summit in Egypt.

Although Mofaz blamed Syria for Friday night's bombing outside a nightclub, he did not immediately threaten retaliation against Israel's northern neighbor.

Speaking at a meeting with defense chiefs, Mofaz said Israeli officials would go abroad in coming days on a diplomatic offensive to present the case against Damascus and the Islamic Jihad Palestinian militant group, Israeli Army Radio reported.

'The defense minister ruled that Israel sees Syria and the Islamic Jihad movement as those standing behind the murderous attack in Tel Aviv,' a statement from Mofaz's office said."

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