Tuesday, September 05, 2006

CNN.com - Digital divide�separates students - Sep 5, 2006

CNN.com - Digital divide�separates students - Sep 5, 2006: "Yet within those numbers, the digital divide between groups is a national concern.

Studies have shown that access and ability to use the Internet help improve people's learning, job prospects and daily living.

Schools have taken big steps to close the gaps.

Virtually all U.S. schools are connected to the Internet. The gaps in Internet usage between whites and minorities, though sizable, are smaller during the school day.

That's not the case at home.

A total of 54 percent of white students use the Internet at home, compared with 26 percent of Hispanic and 27 percent of black youngsters. Limited access can erode a student's ability to research assignments, explore college scholarships or just get comfortable going online.

Kids use the Internet most often for completing school assignments, the new study says. But they also count on it for e-mail, sending instant messages and playing games.

The racial divide in computer usage is tied to broader problems, including poverty in black and Latino communities and even a cultural reluctance to use the Internet, Lloyd said."

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