Friday, September 15, 2006

'Pope must apologise in person'

'Pope must apologise in person':

"Cairo - Muslims deplored on Friday remarks on Islam by Pope Benedict XVI and many of them said the Catholic leader should apologise in person to dispel the impression that he had joined a campaign against their religion.

In a speech in Germany on Tuesday, the Pope appeared to endorse a Christian view, contested by most Muslims, that the early Muslims spread their religion by violence.

'The Pope of the Vatican joins in the Zionist-American alliance against Islam,' said the leading Moroccan daily Attajdid, the main Islamist newspaper in the kingdom."

What a pile of crap! "endorse a christian view, contested by muslims, that early muslims spread their religion by the sword". It's not a christian view! Any history book will tell you that! And the muslims history books? They'll say the same thing, and praise the glorious warriors who practiced jihad. Sorry, it's just part of their religion. For that matter, christianity spread itself by the sword as well, and that's not a muslim view, that's just a fact. The difference is that christianity stopped that, but islam has not. Did we all miss Adam Gardacki, Bin Laden's newest spokesman, making statements just WEEKS ago that they wanted to kill everyone who was not a muslim, and inviting several western critics of islam to join him in islam or suffer death under his knife? Are we supposed to be so stupid we don't remember this? What a crock!

THEN, they top it off with anti-semitism, in the same sentence as a demand for an apology! UNBELIEVABLE!

Muslims are the greatest liars in the world. It's actually part of their religion, called takfiri, which is lying to non muslims to help you kill them or convert them to islam. And the media helps them in this. The two headed serpent. DON'T BELIEVE THE RADICAL MUSLIMS! There are some good muslims out there, I've met them, but even they are afraid to speak out.

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