Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Minister Welcomes Sharia In Netherlands If Majority Wants It

Minister Welcomes Sharia In Netherlands If Majority Wants It

THE HAGUE, 13/09/06 - Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner considers the Netherlands should give Muslims more freedoms to behave according to their traditions. Muslims refusing to shake hands is fine with him. And Sharia law could be introduced in the Netherlands democratically, in the minister’s view.

Muslims have the right to experience their religion in ways that diverge from Dutch social codes, accordign to the Christian democrat (CDA) minister. He thinks Queen Beatrix was very wise not to insist on a Muslim leader shaking hands with her when she visited his mosque in The Hague earlier this year.

Integration Minister Verdonk did previously scold an imam who would not shake her hand. Without directly referring to this incident, Donner considers “a tone that I do not like has crept into the political debate. A tone of: ‘Thou shalt assimilate. Thou shalt adopt our values in public. Be reasonable, do it our way’. That is not my approach”.

Donner strongly disagrees with a recent plea by CDA parliamentary leader Maxime Verhagen for a ban on parties seeking to launch Sharia (Islamic law) in the Netherlands. “For me it is clear: if two-thirds of the Dutch population should want to introduce the Sharia tomorrow, then the possibility should exist,” according to Donner. “It would be a disgrace to say: ‘That is not allowed!’”

Sharia (Islamic Law) allows you to
stone homosexuals, adulterers
have multiple wives as young as 8
Cut a girl's head off for wearing a bathing suit.
Fine and punish non muslims
cutting off the hands of a theif
Death to any muslim who becomes a non muslim
slavery is okay again
muslim women can marry only with daddy's permission
men can divorce their wives whenever they want, women need their husband's permission

and much much more!

This will be great in the Netherlands! Just a few more years, and once the Muslims
are the majority, everyone will enjoy Sharia Law!

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