Monday, March 05, 2007

ScienceDaily: Earth's Crust Missing In Mid-Atlantic

ScienceDaily: Earth's Crust Missing In Mid-Atlantic

Science Daily — Cardiff University scientists will shortly set sail (March 5) to investigate a startling discovery in the depths of the Atlantic.

A drill will be used to extract samples of the exposed mantle. (Credit: Image courtesy of Cardiff University)Ads by Google Advertise on this site

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Scientists have discovered a large area thousands of square kilometres in extent in the middle of the Atlantic where the Earth’s crust appears to be missing. Instead, the mantle - the deep interior of the Earth, normally covered by crust many kilometres thick - is exposed on the seafloor, 3000m below the surface.

Marine geologist Dr Chris MacLeod, School of Earth, Ocean and Planetary Sciences said: "This discovery is like an open wound on the surface of the Earth. Was the crust never there? Was it once there but then torn away on huge geological faults? If so, then how and why?"

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