Monday, November 13, 2006

BREITBART.COM - Israel will 'not tolerate' a nuclear Iran: Olmert

BREITBART.COM - Israel will 'not tolerate' a nuclear Iran: Olmert:

"'We will not tolerate the possession of nuclear weapons by Iran,' Olmert told NBC television's 'Today Show' program, ahead of talks with President George W. Bush on Iran's nuclear ambitions and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Asked whether his country was considering a preemptive strike targeting Tehran's nuclear facilities, Olmert answered: 'I hope we don't have to reach that stage.'

But the Israel leader said his first choice is a negotiated resolution.

'Every compromise that will stop Iran from acquiring nuclear capabilities, which will be acceptable to President Bush, would be acceptable to me.'

Olmert added that he was not seeking Washington's protection from Tehran.

'I am not coming to the United States to ask America to save Israel,' he said, saying his country had drawn the lessons of the Holocaust and World War II.

'In the 20th century someone said, 'I will liquidate a nation of people.' And somehow the whole world heard it, may have understood it, but didn't do much to prevent it.'

'Now we have the president of Iran speaking on every international platform that the purpose of his efforts is to ultimately wipe Israel off the map,' Olmert said."

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