Thursday, November 09, 2006

Just an observation

Did you notice the avalanche of stories on computer voting, and fraud, and questions, and doubts, and so on, in the days before the elections. That was the media's way of preparing the way for another "the election was stolen" scam like they tried in 2000 and 2004. But since the Dems won, notice how this election was perfect now. The machines all worked perfectly. I haven't heard a word about exit polls. But mark my words, if the Dems had lost, that's all we would have heard about. Our country is lost, in so many ways. We are destroying the freedom our forefathers fought for, and replacing it with the 50th incarnation of marxism's failed experiment. At least Marx was a westerner, and shared some of our values. The future will be the marxists and the muslims picking at the bones of the American carcass. It won't be pretty. Our civilization is dead. Can't wait for the government issued ID cards and cameras on every block.

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