Monday, November 06, 2006

Firefly Forest: Woods Shock Can Kill

Firefly Forest: Woods Shock Can Kill:

"Woods Shock Can Kill
A psychology lesson that could save your life

WHEN STEVE DUNN STUMBLED ACROSS THE FUSELAGE of a bush plane sunk into the muck in the labyrinthine delta of Upper Russian Lake, the unease he had felt since becoming lost in the Alaskan wilderness turned to terror. 'I'm going to die up here.' he remembers thinking. Alone and cold. Dunn was catapulting into the third and most dangerous stage of the phenomenon psychologists call 'woods shock,' the confusion and fear that humans feel when they become lost.

As an experienced outdoorsman, he knew that the wisest action was to shelter in the plane wreckage and signal for rescue, or at least rest awhile and gather his wits, But being lost caused so much stress on Dunn's nervous system that he was not able to think logically.

Woods shock is a very real condition, and it happens often in survival situations. Understanding it can help you live. Otherwise, it can turn a bad situation into a fatal free fall."

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