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PCOS Diet / Cushing's Help and Support

PCOS Diet / Cushing's Help and Support

Low Carbohydrate PCOS Diets: Hype, Hoax or Cure?
Tuesday, January 18, 2000; Page HE15

It sounds too good to be true, but many women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) say that when they eat more vegetables and meats and less bread and fruit, they start ovulating and lose weight. As a result, a growing number of nutritionists and a few physicians are advocating so-called insulin-sensitizing diets, which are similar to the "protein power" regimes being promoted in many best-selling books.

When a healthy person eats a carbohydrate, insulin levels rise to break down the resulting sugar in the blood. But women with PCOS are insulin-resistant, meaning they have defective cells that hamper this metabolism and increase the risk of diabetes. In addition, to try to compensate for the defect, their bodies produce more and more insulin, which can damage the insulin-producing system.

To make matters worse, this excess of insulin can trigger bouts of hunger that lead to overeating and weight gains.

Proteins and fats, by contrast, do not spark the same insulin surge in women with PCOS. As a result, these nutrients are metabolized normally.

Most doctors treating PCOS do not advocate high-protein diets, and they warn their patients not to eliminate carbohydrates completely. Yet these same physicians acknowledge that many patients who change their eating habits do feel better – and some have even gotten pregnant without fertility treatments.

I love this article! Well, these women used a low carb diet to cure an incurable disease, or at least ameliorate it enough to become pregnant, but skeptical doctors still not sure about a "high fat" diet! lol! If it works, it works! PCOS in associated with insulin insensitivity, facial hair and infertility in women, and is
helped by the same diet that helps people with metabolic syndrome, epilepsy, parkinson's, narcolepsy, cancer, obesity, etc. - the low carb, high fat diet.

It's also interesting to read about Cushings, this super complex adrenal problem in humans, cats and dogs. Only in domesticated animals and humans. Who eat a high carb diet of grains. Cured by either taking meds the rest of your life and having your adrenal gland removed, or just stop eating carbs. Docs still not sure on that one either, lol!

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