Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Badger Herald - University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Badger Herald - University of Wisconsin-Madison: "Real ID bill

Assembly Bill 69 — which mandates Wisconsin’s Division of Motor Vehicles to validate legal residency before issuing drivers’ licenses — is part of the federal Real ID Act, a nationwide effort to combat terrorism in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

“By tightening our requirements, Wisconsin will no longer be one of the weak points where terrorists can obtain an ID,” AB 69 author Rep. Mark Pettis, R-Hertel, said in a release. “An ID is power. It gives you many privileges in our country, from opening a bank account and renting a car to boarding a plane.”

Under the federal law, an identification card or driver’s license approved by Real ID Act standards is required to enter a federal building or board an airplane.

The Real ID Act orders states to reform their licensing laws to comply with the federal standard by May 2008 under penalty of state residents being barred from boarding airplanes and entering federal buildings.

As Democrats charge the measure will promote racial profiling and discrimination, Doyle maintains the federal mandate left him with no other choice.

“The state Department of Transportation advised the governor that if he didn’t sign this bill, our citizens wouldn’t be able to use their drivers’ licenses to get on commercial airlines,” Doyle’s spokesperson, Dan Leistikow, said. “But he does have concerns about the bill.”

Such concerns include the danger of unlicensed drivers and their effects on roadway safety, as well as the tremendous cost the new law poses to the state to initiate the necessary licensing reforms.

But, according to Rep. Spencer Black, D-Madison, the measure’s most frightening concern is its effect on the state’s undocumented workers who do not threaten homeland security.

“I think it’s a shame that the excuse of homeland security is being used in this regard when the real impact is going to be on the poorest in society who do the hardest work,” Black said."

Opening a bank account, renting a car, driving a car, taking a train, boarding a plane, opening a bank account, - these are PRIVILEGES? And we have to kiss the government's ass to get them. Fuck that! These are basic rights! Where are the people who say education and health care are rights? (they aren't). And no, don't point me to the bill of rights. From the beginning they were designed to restrain the government. These rights are basic human rights and were in existance long before the the goverment. The government does NOT GIVE US RIGHTS! They belong to us already, and there are many more than just the ones listed in the Bill of Rights. Rights are things the government cannot do to us. Rights are not things the government must do for us. Hence there is no right to education, or health care. Rights are restraints on governments, not powers of government! Read the Federalist Papers. This is a travesty!

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