Friday, March 24, 2006

Junk food ban would have little impact locally - Highland Park News [03-23-06]

Junk food ban would have little impact locally - Highland Park News [03-23-06]: "Superintendent David Vick of Lake Bluff District 65 said he doesn't expect a significant impact either since the district's vending machines sell juices and waters. He will meet with principals to discuss other ways to operate in the spirit of the rules, he said.

Lake Forest District 67, where vending machines offer chips, snacks and candy, may be more affected."


The state understands many high schools are dependent on revenue gained from the sale of soda, chips and candy, State Board Spokeswoman Meta Minton said Friday.

"The idea was, let's target the elementary and middle schools," Minton said. "You can really get these children at a younger age, help them start making decisions, setting the patterns."

Medical studies show junk food contributes to health problems such as childhood obesity and Type II diabetes, Minton said. Students can be tempted to buy from a vending machine if they have a little change in their pocket and are hungry during the school day.

"As a parent, you're not in a position to help your child overcome that temptation," Minton said. "I think the board said, schools are not a place we should have this type of food we know is so detrimental to your health."

Properly fed students are more alert and attentive and have more stamina to get through the school day, Minton said.

The ban will apply only during the school day, and will not affect candy or soda sales during extra-curricular activities such as after-school basketball games, Minton said.

Schools are free to replace the soda and junk food vending machines with healthier alternatives, such as bottled water and juice machines, Minton said.

"When you take something away, you need to replace it with something," she said.

Juice is sugar water. Juice is not healthy. Why can I get a juice which is totally simple carbohydrate, but not get a diet pop with zero calories? I guess the government knows better then we do, though.

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