Friday, March 24, 2006

Healthy snack-attacks 'would save lives'

Healthy snack-attacks 'would save lives':

NEARLY 7,000 deaths a year could be prevented if people replaced one snack a day with a healthier alternative.

Eating dried fruit and natural nuts instead of crisps and chocolate could cut saturated fat and salt intake, according to experts.

This in turn would lead to fewer deaths from heart disease and strokes, a study by researchers at Imperial College and the Liverpool University found."

Wow! This will SAVE LIVES! Just like the smoking ban! Let's pass a law that all snacks must be healthy snacks, and put people in prison for eating unhealthy snacks! It's for the "public health"! The most important thing is living long, so you can benefit the State, after all. Your enjoyment of life has nothing to do with it, you selfish jerk!

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