Wednesday, March 29, 2006

From Freedom To Fasicsm- movie coming out this summer!

I was able to view a free preview of this important movie by Aaron Russo. In it he details the treachery of the Federal government in creating a Federal Reserve bank to pump out funny money, leading us to the brink of the worst currency crash in history. He also rips apart the Federal Income Tax as unconstitutional, and illegal. He goes further to warn about how RFID spychips and a biometric national ID card will further limit our freedoms. Wake up America! The federal goverment was meant to be very small. They would coin GOLD AND SILVER (real) money, protect us from foreign threats, bar tariffs between states, and otherwise let the states do as they want. There was no federal income tax until 1913, and all money was gold and silver. Now we pay more than half our income to the Feds, and the Feds control every aspect of our lives. Republicans and Democrats argue over how the Fed should run things, but the bottom line is the THE FEDERAL GOVERMENT SHOULDN'T RUN OUR LIVES AT ALL! I hope you can spread the word about this important movie, which will be released this summer. Follow the link and view the trailer. Email your friends.

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