Friday, March 24, 2006

Towns allowed to ban smoking in private clubs - The Boston Globe

Towns allowed to ban smoking in private clubs - The Boston Globe:

"Brookline, the first municipality in the state to ban smoking in bars and restaurants, also banned smoking in private clubs in the mid-1990s. Alan Balsam, the town's public health commissioner, said he's now fielding complaints about smoking in multifamily buildings. ''I would say the issue is now more about condominiums and apartments,' he said. ''There should be some way that people can avoid second-hand smoke in their own home if it's coming from the apartment below. What if the kid upstairs has asthma? It's a tough decision.'"

And the final act? Here's a hint in the last paragraph of an article about banning smoking in private clubs. Next they want to ban smoking in private homes. Then it will be illegal to smoke everywhere. Then we may as well make cigarettes illegal. Then we can start the great war on smokers, which will be just like the war on drugs, and have the same consequences. Make the penalties more and more severe, grow the police state, and erode more liberties. How can they tell for sure if you smoke in your own home? Well, the government will have to enter your home at will. Of course it's for "public health", so that doesn't violate any of your liberties. If you don't have anything to hide, why not let the goverment control everything you do? It's for your own good! Big brother wants to visit your house, and people are stupid enough to applaud this.

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