Thursday, March 30, 2006

Do we need internal passports?

Do we need internal passports?:


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

We were promised the government would never use Social Security numbers as ID numbers. The government broke that promise. We were promised the income tax would always be small, but now it is large. We were promised the FBI and IRS would never be used by politicians to punish political enemies. Another broken promise. We were promised campaign finance laws would end political corruption. Instead, they have strangled political competition, and the corruption in Congress is worse than ever.

Whatever the politicians promise you, the results are likely to be the opposite.

We were promised that the groundwork laid for a national identification system by the REAL ID Act would protect us from terrorism. Believe that promise at your own risk. National identification systems -- internal passports -- are one of the hallmarks of police states. Ignore this at your own risk.

Are the politicians planning a police state in America? Almost certainly not. Could a national identification system be exploited by future politicians for such a purpose? Yes. Will a national identification system protect us from terrorism? To believe so is to believe that government becomes more competent when it has more information and more programs to manage. Such a belief flies in the face of the evidence.

The more information government has, the more confused it gets. The more programs government has to manage, the more incompetent it is. The federal government had all the information and resources it needed to prevent 9-11, but it couldn't get out of its own way. It couldn't see the forest for the trees. Things have only gotten worse since then. Just think of the Homeland Security Department, and what a mess it is.

Government needs to do a better job with the information and resources it already has. Indeed, it needs to cut back on many things so it can focus on a few things. We do not need a national identification system. Americans do not need internal passports. But the politicians have given us one anyway. They consider the matter settled. But Downsize DC disagrees. A bill that has been passed can be repealed. The REAL ID Act should be repealed.

Please help Downsize DC repeal the REAL ID Act. Please use our quick-and-easy online lobbying system to ask Congress to repeal the REAL ID Act. We have already sent 15,108 messages to Congress asking for this. You can add to that number. Please, add your voice. You can do so by clicking here:"

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