Saturday, April 29, 2006

ABC News: Sleep Eaters Have No Idea They're Eating

ABC News: Sleep Eaters Have No Idea They're Eating:

"Ever since she was little, Amy Koecheler, a 22-year-old college senior in Eau Claire, Wis., has done something unusual: In the middle of the night, she gets out of bed to eat, without even waking up.

It is called sleep eating, which is a parasomnia, meaning an abnormal behavior during sleep. It's triggered by stress, alcohol, sleeping pills or, in Koecheler's case, genetics.

She isn't conscious during her nocturnal noshing, and has no memories, despite all the times she's done it.

'Not until the next morning, when I saw the evidence of the bowl from my cereal, or I had left the milk out, or the chips were on the couch and they were still open,' Koecheler said."

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