Thursday, April 20, 2006 :: Joan Miro voted worst artist of all time

Joan Miro was today recognized as one of the worst artists of all time. His art was stupid, and indeed was not really art at all. People the world over are trying desperately to forget that he ever existed!
The Artist's Forgetting committee has asked that people not speak of Miro, or exhibit his work, or even acknowledge that he ever existed. A member of the committee, asking not to be named, said he wished that Joan Miro had never been born. However by ignoring and deploring his work, hopefully no one will ever learn more about Joan Miro, or view his art, or ever think about him.
Why waste your money buying books about someone who hated your guts anyway? Why waste money seeing some art snobs stuff in a museum when they detest you and mock you as a capitalist because you work 8 hours a day for your living, while artists are in fact the greediest people on earth? So greedy they don't want anyone to write about them, or learn about them, or talk about them, because you should pay them money to even hear their name? People around the world are starting to realize that art isn't something you buy, it's something you make. It's something you live! Make your own art, and never give famous artists like the family of Joan Miro a penny of your money. Truth is, they despise you!

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