Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tech industry attacks state anti-RFID laws | CNET

Tech industry attacks state anti-RFID laws | CNET

"Tech industry attacks state anti-RFID laws
By Anne Broache

Staff Writer, CNET

ARLINGTON, Va.--In at least a dozen states, the electronics industry has been waging a battle against a rash of proposed laws aimed at limiting--and in some cases outlawing--use of electronically readable chips in personal identification documents.

No states have enacted such laws yet, but bills have been up for debate in California, New Hampshire, Washington, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Illinois and Missouri, among others, during the past couple of years, panelists said Wednesday at an industry conference here about smart card use by the government.

Those proposed laws have been introduced because of concerns raised by privacy advocates over the possibility that as radio-frequency identification, or RFID, chips, become more commonly used in government-issued IDs, they could be abused for secret tracking or unauthorized collection of information about the people who carry the IDs.

State legislators have been far too quick to believe 'misinformation' spread by 'the tinfoil hat crowd,' said Richard Varn, a consultant who counts RFID technology manufacturer HID among his clients."

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